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Just a player of Neverwinter, no way affiliated with Cryptic or any of it's homeboys that run that place ya dig.


this is why i have trust issues


Tried to take advantage of the x2 exp weekend. Only got 7 more characters to 60. :(

I say “only” cause I had calculated on finishing off 12. But work called and asked if I wanted to come in and hell yeah I want more money sooooo….subtract like 16+ hours from my leveling time.

Also, HOOOLLLYYY HEELLLL my SW needs a respec. Whatever you do guys dont go healer spec. Or maybe do and tell me where I messed up on it. I named him Amhlaidh(Alec) btw guys thanks for helping me pick


In other words. Come run epic LoL with me cause I need to farm that dungeon.


PS Im thinking about writing a guide soon about how to make AD in NW+How to build up characters. I think most people already know but maybe an organized guide might help people along faster. I feel like theres getting to be too big a gap in between the “haves” and “havenots” of who spends money and who doesnt. Which really sucks cause it’s making people quit and I’m tired of seeing the same assholes around.

Anyway sorry for this long post of humble jumble i’ve had too much caffine OOH YEAHHHH


Half-elf Rouge: I’m going to fuck up the door.

DM: You’re humping the door-

Half-elf Rouge: NO, I’m going to FUCK UP the DOOR!

DM: The door is beaten pretty badly.



Part I


D&D Loading Screen hints


when people upset the friends